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Toys Direct 4 Home

toys direct 4 home

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343-Rain, rain, go away

343-Rain, rain, go away

September 28, 2010

MGM/Hollywood studios day today! =D
It was very very humid today, which was not fun.
the backlot tour was incredible, it makes me want to work for Disney SO badly!
we saw lights, motors, action which was so so so awesome, the precision in that show was outstanding!
then Indiana Jones was awesome,
we ate a yummy lunch at Honey I Shrunk The Kids,
then we got some ice cream, and rootbeer, and sat down and waited for the parade.
but, sadly, the weather got REALLY nasty, and the parade ended up not even stopping for the block party...
so we booked it, and quickly ran to Toy Story Mania.
It began pouring RIGHT as we got in line, so we huddled with strangers under our umbrellas,
and tried to save as many people from getting soaked as we could before we got to the inside part of the line.
after a surprisingly short wait in line, we rode our favorite ride at MGM-Toy Story Mania! =D
My parents rode the Rock n' Roller Coaster, while Memaw, Gillian, and I got a HUGE chicken leg as big as my foot, and hung out in planet hollywood.
as the rain started coming down harder and harder, we decided to call it a day.
the guy directing the tram was super funny, and it made the trip back to the cars much better.
we were soaking wet by the end of the trip though, but it was nice after the awful humidity!
when we got home, we had a yummy spaghetti dinner,
watched Harry Potter 4, and now I'm watching Teen Mom,
goodnight flickr!

LaGrange Tornado - Pond of Debris

LaGrange Tornado - Pond of Debris

This pond just down the hill from the family home was filled with a wide range of debris from toys to shoes to pieces of the homes that were torn apart by the mighty tornado. It was definitely a bit surreal to see everything just floating around peacefully. The debris most likely came from one of the homes that took a direct hit on the other side of the pond.

Photos taken at a family members home damaged by a April 27th tornado that struck in LaGrange, GA.

toys direct 4 home

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