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fairy toys for girls

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Blythe Physical Challenge 23 - Fairy Tale

Blythe Physical Challenge 23 - Fairy Tale

One of the first things that sparked my interest in Blythe were the amazing photos I'd seen of her dressed in darling costumes. I wanted in on that...even before my girls arrived, my search for the perfect fairy tale fabric was on. So when the theme was announced, I knew exactly what I was going to do. The outfits had already been designed...they just needed to be cut out and seamed. One test skirt and dress and one real skirt and dress later...I'm not 100% happy...but with a deadline looming... I "made it work!" Again with my husband helping me with the actual photography, we headed up our closest canyon and gave a chuckle to the "no trespassing" signs and the dozen or so people we saw also disregarding said signs. The spot I chose was immediately off the side of the road...so we had several on lookers as they walked past on their way to whatever illegal hike or whatnot they had planned for the day. The weather was overcast and rainy, but thankfully not windy or overly cold! I had so wanted to do a shadow shot with my "wolf" and was a bit chagrined when I saw a similar shot done by TuSabesBlythe (great minds, right)... but with 0 direct sunlight...it just wouldn't work. So instead Callie herself gets to be in the entry photo...not just her shadow. She likes it better that way!

Rose Fairy (Giveaway)

Rose Fairy (Giveaway)

Her hair is as bright as the moon who is waiting for the Rose Fairy to say Good night, sleep tight to the little shy pinks, to the wise black elder, to the hollyhocks standing upright and proud next to the house.

A doll designed especially for you... All you have to do to win this little girl is to pick seven wild flowers.

Read more about the Rose Fairy, Giveaway of the Month on my blog (link from my profile)

fairy toys for girls

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